Effective Date: December 14, 2023

We heavily stand behind the longevity of our products. If a toy slips past our quality checks that has a flaw (not typical for the grade of toy purchased at) caused in the manufacturing process, we will process a full refund for that toy. This policy is not voided when the toy is opened or used - it is applicable for 2 years after the date said toy was purchased on. It is fully at our discretion to process refunds for these toys, and to determine if the flaw is covered under warranty. Some flaws are unmistakably manufacturing errors, even after several years, but some are not so easy to tell the source of. We will do our best to be as honest and fair as possible when making these calls. We additionally reserve the right to request toys be sent back to us prior to refund for inspection if necessary to determine the origin of a flaw - at no cost to the buyer.


Our 2 year warranty does not apply to fidgets, squishies, stickers, other merchandise, or toys purchased before our new warranty was put into place. Please see individual product listings for if said product is covered under warranty or not. Please keep in mind our warranty is voided if the product is sold, traded, or otherwise given to a third party.