General Information

Do you accept customs?

We presently accept customs on our customs page! Availability is limited to what we can complete in our 1-14 buisness day processing time.

What are your toys made of?

We only use platinum cure silicone (Smooth-On brand) and body-safe pigments in our toys.

What firmness are your toys?

We offer insertables, grinders, and strokers in medium (00-50 shore), soft (00-30 shore), and super soft (00-20 shore).

Extras/fidgets/squishies are in a random firmness, ranging from gummy (00-10 shore) to medium (00-50 shore).

Shore scale explanation is available here.

What is "near clear" silicone?

Near clear is a highly translucent silicone that really shows off mica and fun shaped inclusions we like to put in toys! It is slightly more expensive than our normal silicone, and thus is priced differently.

Because of their high translucency and silicone's natural yellowing over years, said yellowing may be more visible with near clear toys as they age. This may be exasperated or brought on much quicker by boiling near clear toys or exposing them to great heat over and over again. If you would like to keep your near clear toy as clear as possible, we recommend against boiling, and instead sticking to soap and water/toy cleaner to wash them.

Near clear toys are also more prone to get a few tiny bubbles on the bottom of their bases as a quirk of the material. Keep in mind that these toys will not be counted as flops/sold as such.

How should I care for my toys?

Before and after each use, toys should be thoroughly cleaned with a high quality toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Ensure they are dried and stored in a safe place away from other toys (especially those not made of platinum cure silicone, which may melt into our toys). Store them up and away from where dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and other animals could possibly get into them and chew them up. Be mindful to not use silicone lube with silicone toys; aim for a water-based option.

Strokers must have special care taken to not cause tearing, due to their intended use. Inserting disproportionately larger objects or body parts (ex - larger toys, fists) may cause early tearing in the toy.

When will _ model be back in stock?

Typically within a few days! We don't accept orders for toys we don't already have made, so inventory is updated as toys are made and bagged for shipping. This is to keep wait times very short, otherwise we'd end up backed up for weeks playing catch-up.

So any toys you see in stock are toys we actually have on hand! Keep in mind B and C grade toys aren't stocked as often, as we can only add them when we find a flawed product.

What sort of finish do your toys have?

Our toys feature a gentle, smooth, matte finish, that holds onto lube well.

What is the quality grading system for toys?

A grade: These are the standard, full price toys. Because of the handmade nature of our products, A grade toys may still have very minor flaws such as: little scuffs in areas of stress in the mold, minior finish imperfections, a few pigment freckles, marks from the original 3D model, and tiny bubbles on the bottom of bases (most common in near clear toys).

B grade: These are our highest grade of flawed toys we sell. They have more minor flaws that push a bit beyond our A grade toys. This can include larger bubbles on the bottom of bases, nicks or odd texture on the bottoms of bases, tiny (unintentional) inclusions of other silicone inside the toy, finish imperfections, and more numerous pigment freckles. Sometimes, they may not even have any abnormal flaws, but may just be a coloration/pour we didn't particularly care for. These toys are still perfectly safe for use, just cosmetically flawed. B grade toys may also have the typical, minor flaws from A grade.

C grade: These are our lowest grade of flawed toys we sell. They have more noticeable flaws, such as a small bubble or two on the shaft or base of a toy, a minor nick or two on the shaft or base, a larger amount of sizeable bubbles on the bottom of the base, more noticeable (unintentional) inclusions of other silicone in the toy, and may have had repairs made to them with sil-poxy: a body-safe silicone repair agent. These toys are still perfectly safe for use, just cosmetically flawed. C grade toys may also have the flaws possible on A or B grade.

D grade: These are toys that we do not feel are fit to sell period, and they stay with us. Unlike all sellable flop tiers, these toys have faults that make them unsafe for use, or have a few too many C grade flaws overall for us to feel comfortable selling them. D grade flaws include: delamination (colors/layers of silicone coming apart from one another), gashes/large nicks, and pigment freckles that are open at the surface of a toy.

Are there going to be more sizes of _ model?

Possibly! We add additional sizes for models based on demand.


Where do you ship to?

Right now we are only shipping to the USA! We are not sure when we will open up for international shipments again.

Is your shipping discreet?

We ship all of our products in plain white boxes, with the return addressee being "MMT". There is no indication of what's inside nor branding on the outside of the box.

How fast do your products ship?

We typically get new orders out within 1-3 business days for premade stock (Monday-Friday). How long the postal service takes to get them to you will vary, though generally the transit time is 1-3 days, depending on location.

In the case of delays, please allow 7 buisness days for your product to ship.

Customs ship within 1-14 business days, and take a similar amount of time in transit.

Can I purchase products for someone else?

While you technically can, please be sure you enter the correct address at checkout! Though, this should not be used to skirt around bans or age restrictions on our products. If you are found to be purchasing our products for a minor or to help someone get around a ban, we reserve the right to terminate our business relationship.

What happens if my package gets sent back?

If your package is sent back to us, usually due to an incorrect address or other related issue, you will need to cover the shipping cost again to send it back out! Please be sure you've entered the correct address before checking out.

What do I do if my package is lost in transit?

If you believe USPS lost your package entirely, please file a claim through them! Unfortunately once a package is out of our hands, we don't have any more knowledge on its whereabouts than what is stated on the tracking.

Keep in mind, a package being a few days late doesn't mean it is lost. If it has not been 15 days since the date of shipment, there's a good chance it's simply running late. But after that period has passed, claims need to be filed with USPS within 60 days of mailing to qualify.

Can I have you change the shipping address on my order?

We do not typically correct addresses. Please be sure you have the correct address entered before you check out, or you may have to update it with the postal service! We typically pack orders the same day, sometimes within minutes of receiving it, and it's possible we won't see the change of address before we ship your order.

Will you combine multiple orders into one package and refund the excess shipping?

No, we will not be combining orders! It greatly slows down our shipping process and time we are able to get orders out the door. Please be sure you have everything you want in your cart at the time of checking out, or don't mind paying for shipping for an additional order/package.

Store Policies

What is your refund policy?

If you believe the toy you received is either the wrong product (incorrect firmness or model or coloration) or has unexpected flaws for the grade of toy you purchased, please contact us as soon as possible via email to discuss a refund. We do not process refunds for any reason outside of the two cases stated above.

Keep in mind our toys are not indestructible, and may take damage from excessive picking/scratching/un-lubed rubbing at them, abrasive surfaces, nails, teeth, animals getting ahold of them, usage (notably for strokers), etc. They may also have slight yellowing over a period of years, as is typical when silicone ages. This is more noticeable with near clear toys and less or not at all noticeable with pigmented/colored toys. We cannot be held responsible for damage the user causes. In such cases, we are unable to process refunds for a damaged product.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not accept cancellations or order modifications for any reason at this time. Please be sure you are happy with what you have selected, have reviewed our policies, and have read the product listing thoroughly prior to checking out.