Weekly Giveaway

Starting after all of our grand opening giveaways, we'll be hosting a regular weekly giveaway! Please be sure to read all the rules and notes for entry prior to participating. Giveaways can be found on our Twitter page.

. Contest is only open to those 18+ who have a US address for us to ship to. 

We will be opening it up for international participants in the future!

. To participate, you simply need to be following us and retweet + like the contest post on Twitter.

Quote tweets will not be counted. You will receive a starting +3 entries into the weekly contest - one for each of the above interactions. All 3 must be performed to be entered into that week's giveaway.

. Liking, retweeting, and/or commenting on any timeline posts we make during the contest period will get you an additional entry for each interaction.

(EX: +1 entry for a like, +1 entry for a retweet, +1 entry for a comment). Interacting with older posts will not get you more entries, only posts made the week the contest runs. Interacting with comments/replies we make will not give you additional entries, only full tweets we make on our main timeline. Additionally, you may not spam comments to get more entries - each new post you like, retweet, and comment on will get you a max of 3 entries - one for each interaction.

. Purchasing from us will get you an additional +10 entries for the giveaway that week.

Placing multiple orders will not give you more entries, it's a default +10 for the week regardless of how many you place! You do not need to interact with the Twitter contest post to be entered to win this way - all purchases made are automatically entered into the weekly giveaway. However, there is no pressure to accept the prize if you do not want it, we will simply draw another winner. Entries earned via any means do not carry over to the next week.


. Winners have 24 hours to respond and provide us an address to ship to before a new winner is selected. 

Winners do not pay shipping - we cover shipping costs in full. No purchase is necessary to receive your prize. We will reach out via email to contact winners who won via a purchase from us, and DM winners on Twitter who won via some form of Twitter interaction.