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Bee Grinder || Medium + A Grade

Bee Grinder || Medium + A Grade

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Please be sure to read our FAQ and policies before purchasing. The first toy pictured is the one you will receive! This model was designed by Darque Path!



Model: Bee Grinder

Purpose: Grinder

Size: Hand-held

Finish Type: Matte

Material: Platinum cure silicone

Covered under warranty?: Yes


Size Chart

Length: 6.3"

Width: 3"

Height: 0.4-0.6"



Important Policies to Note

. Our products are shipped in standard white boxes with no indication of what's inside nor branding present on the box. Sender is listed as “MMT”.

. Our toys come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects; please see warranty page for details.

. We do not accept cancellations for any reason nor do we accept returns, due to the nature of our products.

. We do not combine orders; please be sure you have everything in your cart that you want to ship together. Otherwise, you will receive multiple packages if you place multiple orders.

. We do not typically correct addresses. Please be sure you have the correct address entered before you check out, or you may have to update it with the postal service! We typically pack orders the same day, sometimes within minutes of receiving it, and it's possible we won't see the change of address before we ship your order.



Grading System Explanation

A grade: These are the standard, full price toys. Because of the handmade nature of our products, A grade toys may still have very minor flaws such as: little scuffs in areas of stress in the mold, minior finish imperfections, a few pigment freckles, marks from the original 3D model, and tiny bubbles on the bottom of bases (most common in near clear toys).

B grade: These are our highest grade of flawed toys we sell. They have more minor flaws that push a bit beyond our A grade toys. This can include larger bubbles on the bottom of bases, nicks or odd texture on the bottoms of bases, tiny (unintentional) inclusions of other silicone inside the toy, finish imperfections, and more numerous pigment freckles. Sometimes, they may not even have any abnormal flaws, but may just be a coloration/pour we didn't particularly care for. These toys are still perfectly safe for use, just cosmetically flawed. B grade toys may also have the typical, minor flaws from A grade.

C grade: These are our lowest grade of flawed toys we sell. They have more noticeable flaws, such as a small bubble or two on the shaft or base of a toy, a minor nick or two on the shaft or base, a larger amount of sizeable bubbles on the bottom of the base, more noticeable (unintentional) inclusions of other silicone in the toy, and may have had repairs made to them with sil-poxy: a body-safe silicone repair agent. These toys are still perfectly safe for use, just cosmetically flawed. C grade toys may also have the flaws possible on A or B grade.

D grade: These are toys that we do not feel are fit to sell period, and they stay with us. Unlike all sellable flop tiers, these toys have faults that make them unsafe for use, or have a few too many C grade flaws overall for us to feel comfortable selling them. D grade flaws include: delamination (colors/layers of silicone coming apart from one another), gashes/large nicks, and pigment freckles that are open at the surface of a toy.

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